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3 Tips On Choosing Paint Colors For A Child's Bedroom

Making the wise choice to take on a kitchen remodeling project is going to be well worth the investment of both time and money, that is as long as your hire a reputable remodeling contractor.

It makes even more sense to update and upgrade any aspect of your Atlanta home because it helps to increase the value that much more. However, more homeowners are making the smart decision to also focus on making certain that their renovations are greener, or more Eco-friendly.

There are so many ways in which you can improve your home while also helping better the environment. However, it certainly helps to go ahead and be aware of some of your options.

Implementing Green Design into Your Kitchen Remodeling

So how can you go green while getting the kitchen of your dreams?

  • Choose your materials wisely - You have important decisions to make about details such as flooring and countertops. The good news is that many of the options are more environmentally responsible, such as recycled tiling. Even if the material you select is not already recycled, try to opt for a material that can be recycled after its lifecycle.
  • Do you really need new cabinets? - New kitchen cabinets can consume as much as 40% of your budget. Not only that, adding otherwise salvageable materials to the landfill is wasteful and irresponsible. Save time and money, plus do the right thing for the Eco-system, by opting to have your existing cabinets refinished. You won't believe the new look you discover for your existing cabinets by letting industry experts renovate what you already have.
  • Lighting is so important in the kitchen - You need it in order to measure correctly, make sure those dishes really are clean and be able to work in an effective manner. In fact, it is better to have too much lighting than not enough. However, make sure that lighting is energy-efficient. The right kind of lighting will illuminate what you need without running up your electrical use. This also saves you money on energy bills each month.
  • Even the windows you select can contribute to a more Eco-friendly household - – Even the windows you select can contribute to a more Eco-friendly household. Not only do you want a lot of window coverage in order to have a nice view and let in natural light, you want to pick the right kind to compliment your energy-efficient home. Energy-efficient window replacements can do wonders for you and your home. The extra UV ray protection helps reduce the likelihood of having your floors or furnishings fade, plus it lets in a better quality of light, lowers your energy costs and is better for the environment.

Woodley Painting & Remodel is the only name that you need to know when it comes to work like this. Call us for your Atlanta kitchen remodeling project, and know that you are getting nothing but the very best in workmanship and results.

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