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Top 4 Trends in Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling to Watch

kitchen remodeling atlanta gaIf you are planning to invest in kitchen remodeling in Atlanta, one of the first and most important things to clarify is the difference between fads and trends. A fad is something that tends to pass quickly and leave homeowners wishing they had opted for a classic. Shag carpeting is a good example of a fad.

A trend is something that emerges and ends up setting a new precedence for the industry. It may start as a fad but then develops into something that withstands the tests of time, such as the shabby chic look. If you are preparing to remodeling the kitchen in your Atlanta home, you will probably want to be aware of some of the trends that are now setting a new benchmark for this culinary space.

Don't Get Left Behind

The last thing that you want to do is invest the time and money into updating and upgrading your kitchen only to have your choices be passe before the paint has even dried. Here are some tips to help you with your kitchen remodel:

  • Sinks are getting a splash of color – While stainless steel will always be a classic, homeowners are moving away from the cold, utilitarian look and feel. With exciting new colorful sink options, this fixture can become a focal point and time into a vivid back splash.
  • Grey adds more depth than white – Homeowners who still want a subtle color for their cabinets, walls or other large surfaces areas of the kitchen are now choosing grey over white. It still offers the perfect background hue but offers more intensity than white.
  • Functional storage is the new must-have – With so many fun gadgets and appliances available these days, it can be easy to end up with a cluttered kitchen. The only way to overcome this is with as much storage as possible. Stop sacrificing storage in lieu of something that looks attractive but brings nothing to the table, so to speak.
  • Run with the cubic zirconia of countertops – It is true that countertops are a focal point and need to be good quality. Yet there is no reason to keep breaking the budget to have top-of-the-line granite. There are plenty of high-end, laminate look-alikes now that deliver on looks and performance but save big on the budget.

All of this really just scratches the surface of the latest trends for kitchen remodeling in Atlanta. A local remodeling company can help you iron out the details to really make your remodeling investment count.

Ask an Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling Pro

The best way to get the advice you need, such as emerging kitchen trends, is by working with an industry expert. For homeowners in Atlanta and surrounding areas, the name to trust in is Woodley Painting & Remodel. We don't just want to meet your expectations for remodeling work, we intend to exceed them! Give our Atlanta painting contractors and kitchen renovation experts a call today to get started.

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