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Atlanta Texture Painting Pros: Removal and Application of Popcorn Ceilings, Venetian Plaster & More

texture painting atlanta gaTextures are something that can add depth to a wall and the overall interior design aesthetics. They can also end up becoming the focal point in a room where smooth, flat drywall would be the better choice. For these reasons, it is good to have a reliable resource to trust in that can offer you quality services removing or applying textures or faux texture painting in Atlanta.

Whether you want to add texture or would rather remove it, in any case Woodley Painting & Remodel can help. While some textures add to the look of a room, others merely make the space look and feel outdated. Yet whether you want to introduce texture or do away with it, it takes expert precision and skill to get the job done – like our team at Woodley Painting & Remodel.

We are experienced at all types of texture applications, whether you are interested in faux venetian plaster or popcorn ceilings. All you have to do is give our painters a call to get started. Add drama to your home with textured walls - or give it a clean slate with popcorn ceiling removal! Whatever your painting service needs, we're the Atlanta painting contractor you can trust for quality results.

Atlanta's Texture Painting Application & Removal Pros

Adding or removing texture to your walls or ceiling is like a makeover. It is remodeling for the visual aesthetics of the interior of your residential or commercial building. That is not always favorable though.

For instance, popcorn ceilings tend to be an outdated reminder of décor ideas from the past. Yet brushed suede is a desirable option home and business owners are excited to add now.

Some things to keep in mind about ceiling and wall textures:

  • Removal or application should only be handled by a trained and experienced professional. Otherwise, you are not likely to be happy with the results.
  • Textured walls do a great job of concealing blemishes. However, you may be better off having your drywall repaired if you are not sure you want textured walls.
  • It is a much easier process to add texture than remove it. In other words, discuss applying texture with an industry expert before opting to move forward with the project.
  • It is generally not a good idea to texture walls if you are preparing to list your home for sale; not all buyers are keen on texture. However, if you have textured walls and are considering removing the texture prior to putting your home on the market, this is more likely to work to your benefit.

The Leading Painting Contractor in Atlanta for Texture Removal/Application Services

Woodley Painting & Remodel is the only name that you need to know in order to get the service you need for applying or removing textured walls. We can meet with you to discuss the options for that you have for texture painting in Atlanta and help you make choices you can live with, and love, for years to come. No matter what you choose, you can feel confident knowing that you will have a completely transformed look.

If you would like an estimate for removing or applying texture painting in Atlanta, please call 678-523-9536 or complete our online request form.

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