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The Worst Advice We Have Heard Homeowners Share for Interior Painting in Atlanta

interior painting atlanta gaAs professional house painters in Atlanta, we have pretty much seen and heard it all. A common occurrence is for a homeowner to call us in to fix an botched job for interior painting in Atlanta that they have already started. We understand that, as professionals, we are going to have a better grasp on the project and be able to produce better results.

Usually, the homeowner realizes this too which is why they call us in to finally take over the job. Yet we are still often amazed at the advice we get from our customers. Advice they picked up someplace that ended up leading to the sub par work they were producing in the first place!

Common Interior Painting Mistakes True Professionals Know to Avoid

While we certainly value and appreciate input from our customers, some of what we hear is downright perilous to the success of an interior painting job. Here are just a few examples.

  • “You're not going to waste time taping, are you?” Some homeowners seem to think true professionals should be able to masterfully paint without the need for taping off edges. If you are paying someone by the hour and you see them spending a great deal of time just taping, it could be frustrating. However, hire someone that charges by the job and let them tape away; it is the only way to get good results.
  • “There's no reason to clean off the walls, they can't be that dirty.” What you cannot see can seriously hurt the final out come of interior painting in Atlanta. Dust particles, oils from fingerprints, pet hair and other contaminants can easily stick to walls, often without being detected by the naked eye. Skipping a proper cleaning is going to leave you with shoddy results.
  • “Go ahead an apply that second coat, the first one looks dry.” Different types of paint have different drying times and a lot of this can also be effected by factors like the weather. So as eager as you are to get that final coat up and see how the finished product looks, it is better to practice patience. By waiting even en additional 30 minutes, it could be the difference between visible brushstrokes and a perfect paint job.

Call a Pro for Interior Painting in Atlanta

One of the best pieces of advice we can offer, here at Woodley Painting & Remodel, is to just go ahead and call in a professional Atlanta painting contractor to do the work for you. You are not going to save that much money attempting to buy your own supplies and equipment, plus investing your precious Saturday afternoons to execute the work. Let us put our 25 plus years of experience to work for you and deliver the quality results that you deserve.

Do you need a professional for interior painting in Atlanta, GA? Call 678-523-9536 or complete our online request form.

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