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Creating Drama with Faux Painting in Atlanta

faux painting atlanta gaAn increasingly popular technique we get service calls for is faux painting in Atlanta. This is the process in which decorative painting finishes are applied in order to replicate the look of another material. Some common examples are wood, stone or marble.

Getting the right Atlanta painting contractor to take care of the job for you is what makes all of the difference. Savvy local home and business owners know that the name to call on for this type of painting niche is Woodley Painting & Remodel. During our free color consultation we can also discuss options that you have, such as faux texturing.

If you really want your walls to become the focal point of the room, this is an ideal way to make that happen. Quality faux painting in Atlanta will help to transform your current walls into stunning works of art. However, make sure that you work with professionals who have training and experience in this process, otherwise your walls will steal the show for all the wrong reasons.

Atlanta Faux Painting Services for Residential & Commercial Clients

So what are some options you have for creating a bit of an optical illusion with your interior walls through faux painting techniques?

  • Artisan Finish – Stone and marble are two common looks created using artisan finish. It works perfectly on wood or drywall.
  • Plaster – While plaster was once commonly used for walls, along came the more cost-effective drywall and changed it all. If you still love the look, but not the price, of plaster walls, why not fake it?
  • Brushed Suede – Nothing has quite the stunning or luxurious allure that brushed suede does. However, since you cannot cover your walls in this material, why not have the next best thing?

These are merely some examples of what is available. What is important is to understand that if you want to take things to the next level, this is an ideal approach to use to get there.

Leading Painter for Faux Finishes on Walls in the Atlanta Area

Opting for faux finishes on walls will add depth and sophistication, but you have to be certain that the work behind it is of the highest quality. Woodley Painting & Remodel is widely regarded for all of our painting work, including this specialty.

We have worked hard to be able to become a local leading expert in this niche market, and consider it an area of expertise. Don't just take our word for it though, let us show you our portfolio of previous work during the color consultation. Call now to find out more about options you have for faux painting processes.

If you would like an estimate for faux painting in Atlanta, please call 678-523-9536 or complete our online request form.

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