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Atlanta Painting Contractor Tips

Check out the most recent articles from Woodley Painting & Remodel for painting tips and more from our Atlanta painting contractors.

Go Green with Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

interior painting atlanta gaMaking the wise choice to take on a kitchen remodeling project is going to be well worth the investment of both time and money, that is as long as your hire a reputable remodeling contractor...Read More

3 Tips on Choosing Paint Colors for a Child's Bedroom

interior painting atlanta gaChoosing paint colors for your child's bedroom takes some thought. While you could stick with the standard color theme based on whether they are a boy or girl, you certainly don't have to. Read More

Crown Molding, A Beautiful Remodeling Enhancement

interior painting atlanta gaIf you are looking for remodeling tips for your Atlanta home, you've come to the right place. The best tip our Atlanta painting and remodeling contractors at Woodley painting and Remodel can give you is to consider installing crown molding. … Read More

The Worst Advice We Have Heard Homeowners Share for Interior Painting in Atlanta

interior painting atlanta gaAs professional house painters in Atlanta, we have pretty much seen and heard it all. A common occurrence is for a homeowner to call us in to fix an botched job for interior painting in Atlanta that they have already started. We understand that, as professionals, we are going to have a better grasp on the project and be able to produce better results … Read More

Top 4 Trends in Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling to Watch

atlanta kitchen remodeling trendsIf you are planning to invest in kitchen remodeling in Atlanta, one of the first and most important things to clarify is the difference between fads and trends. A fad is something that tends to pass quickly and leave homeowners wishing they had opted for a classic. Shag carpeting is a good example of a fad … Read More

The Love / Hate Relationship Homeowners Have With Popcorn Ceilings

atlanta painting contractor removing popcorn ceilingsMention popcorn ceilings to the average Atlanta property owner and you are likely to get mixed responses. In this past decade, most homeowners are not too keen on them and are likely in the market to try to find a professional to take care of popcorn ceiling removal in Atlanta. On the other hand, many investment property owners who rent out their homes are rather fond of them … Read More

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